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Licensed Repossession experts Canterbury relies on

Unpaid debts and overdue loans are a major problem for any business. If you are having difficulties recovering what is rightfully yours, Liabilities Credit Services can provide the solutions you need.
When it comes time to recover your property, serve affidavits or trace uncooperative debtors, we're the team to call. Our expert team specialises in vehicle repossession and document serving.
For details, please contact our Canterbury based office today.

Prompt and dedicated process servers

You can be assured that we will take every possible action in our efforts to ensure that you receive a prompt and successful resolution. We are now the number one choice for many solicitors and financial houses throughout New Zealand.

Cost effective and efficient process serving

Gone are the days of having to look through the local telephone directories or search engines looking for a detective agency who are also process servers. Liabilities Credit Services can offer you an easy, cost effective and efficient process service.

Full and accurate reporting

We recognise that full reporting and accurate affidavits are as essential to you as the serving of the documents. By using our service, you can be assured that every case will be swiftly and correctly processed and then returned to you without delay.

National process service

We have built up a national network of like-minded process servers. By using just one professional process serving house, you can be assured of hassle free nationwide service. Email coffup@xtra.co.nz or liabilitiescredit@xtra.co.nz for more information.

Looking for someone?

We can of course help if you are looking for somebody, whether it is a friend, relative or debtor. Our experienced team has found people all over New Zealand and even in Australia and the UK.

The no trace\no fee myth

There is a certain buzz nowadays about 'no trace, no fee' tracing agents. Unfortunately the fact is that they only uncover around twenty five percent of their targets. This also exaggerates the fee charged for when somebody is successfully located.

This is because a 'no trace, no fee' agency has to get a large amount of instructions on file and will carry out basic checks from a computer until it has amassed around the twenty five percent figure, which logically, the computer cannot clarify anyway. The fact is that you cannot effectively carry out trace enquiries unless the agent is prepared to go out into the field, knock on doors and make serious enquiries. This demands a fee per instruction but also brings the success rate up to around ninety percent.

Of course, you will still receive the same benefits from the service of the documents that you would expect once we have successfully traced the target.

Legal requirements for us to act on your behalf

When you request a repossession it must be accompanied by the legally required paperwork:
  • An Instruction to Repossess Authority
  • A copy of the 15 day Pre-Possession notice
  • A copy of the ‘Deal Sheet’
  • A copy or printout of the payment history
  • Details of NOK and/or work address (preferred)

When can we repossess goods?

When you can instruct us to repossess depends on the individual company policy and interpretation. We require an indemnity for illegal repossession (Where you may not have complied with the Repossession Act of 1997).
We can also repossess:
  • When your client has defaulted on his/her payments and payment has not been made prior to the expiration date detailed on the mandatory 15 day notice (Prepossession Notice) being sent to the last known address
  • When the vehicle or goods are not insured
  • When the vehicle is not warranted or registered
  • When your security is in jeopardy
  • Where you have reasonable cause to suspect that the goods will be on sold, destroyed, disassembled, endangered or deliberately secreted away to avoid payment/repossession
 Repossession and credit service in Canterbury
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